Hair Care

Shampoo and Condition


Your hair purchase is an investment and maintaining your extensions can help extend the life of the hair. You want to wash your extensions with cold water using a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Take a small amount of shampoo about 2-3 tablespoons and lather your hair using gentle downward strokes (Do not rub the hair together while washing because it can cause the hair to tangle). Gently rinse out the shampoo with cold water and apply the conditioner in the same manner.


We recommend that you wash your extensions at least once every 7-14 days to keep them free of dirt and product build up. We also recommend that you deep condition your extensions every 3-4 washes (leave the conditioner on for at least 10 to 15 minutes).



We recommend hanging your extensions to let them air dry (we do not recommend blow drying your extensions as this will cause the hair to dry out). Lying your extensions flat and allowing to air dry is the best method.




You can style your extensions the same way you would your natural hair. When using heat, we recommend using a heat protectant on your extensions.  Using a light moisturizer such as argan or coconut oil will keep your hair shiny and silky. For wavy textures simply mix water, your favorite conditioner, and argan oil and spray your extensions to keep the curl pattern looking healthy.




Your 100% virgin hair extensions can be bleached or colored to your liking however, we do carry a processed unit that cannot be bleached or colored.We highly recommend you consult with a professional prior to coloring your extensions.         

Processed Hair

We offer a processed human hair unit that resembles natural hair. Because this hair has been processed it does require different maintenance.

  • You should reseal the knots when you wash the wig each time to limit shedding

  • Gradually wet the hair in a downward motion (wetting the hair all at once could cause the hair to swell and tangle)

  • Use a leave in conditioner to keep the hair moist and soft

  • Do not color, perm, or dye the hair as it has already been treated


General Tips

1. Take care of your ends - trim them regularly so any split ends do not travel up and damage the rest of the hair

2. If you're bad with routines then at least just tie the hair in a hairband at night without fail and sleep on a satin pillow if possible - this is the bare minimum.

3. Avoid brushing and combing as much as possible - never do more than necessary to protect the curls, use your fingers and a wide tooth comb to remove          tangles.

4. Rehydrate the hair with light moisturizers

5. Use a light daily moisturizer nothing too thick or heavy.

6. It is best to maintain curly looks with pin curls using small bobby pins

*If the hair is wavy, you can secure the strands with large dual strand twists, DO NOT PIN WAVY LOOKS.

5. These styles should be protected in a loose-fitting bonnet. Tying them down with a scarf or tight-fitting cap will flatten the curls. Alternatively, consider pinning them up towards the crown of your head and wrapping the scarf around your head making sure to leave the curls untouched on the top.         


Note: Again, always consult with a beauty professional before you color your extensions. Using an excessive amount of heat when styling can compromise the wave pattern of your extensions which cannot be reversed. Epesalon Hair is not responsible for any change in the texture or the quality due to chemical processing. If you have any questions before or after ordering please email us at      

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